Member & Guest Membership Policy
- Baxter's is a private club for members and their guests. Everyone will be required to show a valid state issued ID to enter the premises.
- A $5.00 Fee is required upon completion of this application to enjoy all private club and membership privileges.
- New members are required to submit a written application for membership.
- All members must be approved by management.
- Membership is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. It is the responsibility of the member to provide updated contact email and information should their information change.
- Baxter's and their staff reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone, member or guest who displays inappropriate behavior or appears intoxicated.
- Baxter's and their staff reserve the right to terminate membership on demand. Any member subject to termination must immediately surrender membership card.
- Any violation of Baxter's Rules & Regulations and/or North Carolina State ABC laws by any member or their guests will result in suspension or revocation of membership.
- Baxter's Membership Rules & Regulations can be found at in the “Join” section.
- Use of facilities. Members are welcome to use the facility for any special event based upon availability and payment of a fee.

- Once your application form is submitted you are officially a member however there is a required waiting period for membership approval. You are welcome to enter the Baxter's upon a completed application and you will be advised on when your membership card will be available. Once your membership card is ready, they are not mailed, they will be at Baxter's and provided to you, after email notification and/or a request from a manager at Baxter's.
By becoming a Baxter's Member you agree to receive via email, text information about upcoming events and bar specials located at our Venue. You may opt-out of any correspondence at any time upon request. We hope you enjoy our open-air venue. We are truly hoping to appeal to all ages and all walks of life. Thank you for your membership. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.